Within every person lies innate leadership ability.  Some individuals seem to be natural, or born, leaders.  Others may need convincing that those qualities are deep within them.  Leaders are simply influencers…and every person has influence, whether for good or for bad, on someone or something. 

Upward movement.  That’s the goal in life, isn’t it?  No matter whether it’s personal, career, recreation, etc.  We've yet to meet someone stating they want downward movement in their life.  Yet why do so few achieve what they want to achieve?  Why do so few ascend to the heights they picture for themselves?  There can be many answers to those questions; usually the answer is found deep within the person.


We work with former collegiate & pro athletes, military veterans & businessmen who are looking for the challenge to rise above traditional coaching models toward true leadership. Our no-holds-barred focus includes accountability, identity, strengths, power and self-discipline. We achieve this with authentic relationship through individual & group coaching, challenge retreats & asking tough questions.

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Note from philip

My passion is to help people become who they are made to be.  I would love to encourage, coach, teach, lead, and motivate you to be all that you are designed to be and to help you discover what lies deep within.  Any ascent requires a plan of action, adherence to the plan, accountability in the journey, and people to help you reach the top.  That’s why I formed Ascent Leader Development.  I want to help you on your ascent.


Where are you in your journey?  Do you need a coach, an encourager or motivator to help you push through?  Ascent Leader Development can help in the following areas:

  • Personal Life Coaching
  • Transition Coaching
  • Leader Development

With over 20 years of developing people and leaders, I am confident that Ascent Leader Development will add value to you as you journey to your summit, to help you become the influencer and leader you desire to be.

about philip gough

Leader, trainer, athlete, parent, husband, businessman, friend. Many people know our founder, Philip Gough, to be a man of integrity & passionate about people. 


15 years non-profit leadership development, fundraising, mentoring

Business marketing, management & solopreneur

Personal coaching, training, developing & leading:

  • Professional athletes
  • Business owners & professionals
  • Community & civic leaders
  • Church & faith leaders


Philip has been married to Kendell for twenty-one years and they have four children: Kolton, Keltzey, Kenzie, and Kutter.  Together, the family runs a small cattle operation.

Philip Gough, Ascent Leader Development
Philip is a man of great character & integrity; you’ll know it in the first 5 minutes of your conversation. He walks in relationship with pro athletes as well as those who have no worldly possessions. He relates to them all. Nothing he does is half-measure, in life or business.
— Jeremie Piette, Elite Sports Business Academy
I have known Philip for a long time and am impressed with his ability to listen and encourage individuals. He is a true shepherd of people and loves nothing more than to help someone leverage their strengths and passions to be who they were created to be.
— Russell Thomasson, Chief of Staff for US Congressman Jodey Arrington
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We partner with other organizations to form weekend retreats to promote relationship, to provide our clients with time away & outdoors, and to have opportunity for reset without the noise of life, business & relationships. We work with individuals & cohorts for these retreats.





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